Most In-Demand Skills And Jobs In The Market

There are many jobs in our market today. Our countries’ economies are growing at a first rate, and the importance of this to the people are the jobs market that is opened. Example, when a country builds up airports, security guards, air hostesses, pilots and even accountants can get a job when schools are built up, teachers, watchmen, cooks, messengers get employed. Same applies to hospitals, nurses, doctors, clinical officers, surgeons get jobs.


435676uygfhTutors deal with students. They enjoy working with students. Tutors have experience in the teaching profession. Students are of ages running from pre-school going age covers teenagers and even adults. So it is you to choose the group to work with. Example, in Kenya, you can be a teacher teaching early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, and college or university education which is also called higher learning education. A good teacher uses unique methods and techniques in teaching his students.

Data entry

This is a good job for people who are computer literate. It calls for quick typists. Data entry will surely be a favorable and enjoyable job for you. There is no restriction on how you do your work. You choose where to work from, you can work from home, in the bedroom, at the study, wherever one is comfortable. Your pay depends on the quality of your output. A good example is an online job where you are the one to choose the amount of work to do and where to do it.

Quality assurance tester

This is a great job if you are a technologically savvy, are introverts and detail oriented. These type of workers ensure that products are of good quality. Most industries that hire quality assurance testers are computer software, electronic industries, and hardware industries. One’s job is basically to identify the weaknesses in a product and get rid of them and then come up with a quality product. This is a good job as it is a flexible schedule. Women can work here freely as it is not a tight schedule.

Programming or graphic design jobs

It is also known as the software industry. This is one important industry in the job market today. This industry deals with software engineers, and surely there is increased demand. With the new technological innovations, companies are looking for sharp programmers to produce apps and software that will change people’s lives. There are many courses in the world today dealing with programming, and by finding freelance jobs, you will book more jobs.678ioujkhjgh

Sales and marketing

Sales jobs deal with people who enjoy working with other people. They are persuasive, hard working, creative and money oriented. They always come up with ideas on how to make more money. Sales officers sell products or services to businesses or individuals to help them solve a problem. Sales officers spend most of their time on the phone talking to or meeting with clients. Business opportunities are on the rise today, and so jobs in this sector are on the increase too.